National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc.

2023 – $1,000 Scholarship Winners

1.      Patrolman Philip Cardillo Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to:                Emma O'Callaghan 

Attending:                   University of Maryland                                 

                                                Baltimore, Maryland.

Granddaughter  of:      Timothy O'Callaghan

                                                Hudson Valley 10-13 Assoc.


2.      Detective Thomas Mullins Memorial Scholarship 

Awarded to:                Madison DeNonno

Attending:                   Fashion Institute of Technology

                                    New York , NY.

Granddaughter of:      Carl DeNonno

                                    Hudson Valley 10-13


3.      Patrolman Dennis Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to:                Justin Perillo

Attending:                   Fairlergh Dickerson

                                    Madison , NJ

Grandson of:               Donald Perillo

                                    Jersey Shore 10-13